Blue Ridge Solutions is growing

Blue Ridge Solutions Team

Blue Ridge Solutions is growing. We want to thank you for the support you have given us over the years. That support has made our growth possible. This section will tell you about one team member each month. Over time, you’ll know our team. The goal is to make it easier for you to talk to us about what you want us to do for you.

Briley Hooper

We’d like to introduce you to Briley Hooper, Senior Web Application Developer on the Blue Ridge Solutions team. At six feet seven inches tall, Briley is the tallest person at Blue Ridge Solutions, so if whenever you’re in the office, he’ll be fairly easy to spot. When he isn’t building outstanding web applications for clients like you, Briley enjoys keeping up with tech news feeds through his preferred news aggregator (Netvibes).

After graduating from high school in Spartanburg, he spent two years at Clemson and finished his last two years at Maryville College in Tennessee with a double major in Computer Science and Business. The Business exposure has proven very helpful to Briley as he works on web-based business application projects for our clients. Prior to Blue Ridge Solutions, Briley worked as a web designer with 2 other partners in Tryon, NC – just over the SC state line along I-26.

Today, Briley lives in Asheville with his wife Carrie and their 18-month-old daughter Ellie (Eliza) – and we can’t forget the lovable family dog Eva, a Shepherd mix. She has been with the family for six years. With a toddler at home, his spare time can be limited as those of you who have or had young children know all too well. If he does get time,  Briley enjoys reading, soccer and going to movies – any type except horror films.

Born in Charlotte, Briley grew up in several communities up and down the east coast. As a youngster, he lived in Florida, Vermont and South Carolina. Through high school and even college, Briley enjoyed computer games designed around development of civilization. For a while, he was even an expert Halo player, and he still enjoys an occasional shooting video game with friends.

Everywhere he traveled, Briley enjoyed youth league soccer. At various times in his life, Briley has been a player, an assistant coach and on on-field official for local youth soccer teams. Although Ellie is a bit young for soccer at the moment, Briley hopes to coach her on a team when she is old enough for the local leagues.

Here at Blue Ridge Solutions, we are lucky to have Briley on the team. He enjoys finding creative solutions to client problems and building better ways to accomplish customer goals.